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3dquickpress 5.3.2 64 Bits Torrent Gayvalm

Application Type: Windows Release Date: 3/14/2012 Developer: Intergraph Hardware or Software Requirements: Microsoft Windows Features: Standalone document manager User-friendly interface Share one or more documents with other shared folder Backup documents Create and open any document in any application Searchable documents Language support: english. Fonts:. Privacy protection: Protected with AES 256-bit encryption. Reloads deleted documents after saving archive Download documents without a connection to the Internet File Size: 6.6 Mb Source: Download 3dquickpress 5.3.2 64 bits torrent Windows XP Pro SP3 - Windows Vista - Windows 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10 3DQuickPress (formerly DocManager) is the first and only application on the market to bring professional document management and collaboration to the Windows platform. With the ability to share documents instantly, collaborate with team members, track changes and open any document from any application, 3DQuickPress simplifies the daily workflow of every user. Save time by opening files quickly, storing them in the folder of your choice, and backing them up at any time. Send documents via email, SharePoint, FTP, or even via fax. Open a document in any application by just double-clicking on the filename. Easily share and collaborate on a team project, no matter where they are located. Features: Start documents from any application with a single click Store documents in any folder Create and open documents by dragging and dropping them from Explorer or Open dialogs Personalize documents by adding stamps, signatures, and comments Track changes and open documents with any version control system, such as Subversion, CVS, and ClearCase Backup documents and archive documents with built-in backup tools Resize and manipulate documents and annotations, and export and import annotations to any format Invite team members to edit, add annotations, and share documents on your team project You can open and edit your files offline Create comments, allow multiple people to comment, and attach a signature to comments File Size: 5.6 Mb 3DQuickPress (formerly DocManager) is the first be359ba680

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